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Information about one of the most unique opportunities for youth coaches in the world.

What makes these camps so special for both the campers and the coaching candidates? Why are the CNSF Youth Coaches Camps different from every other soccer camp in America? Here are just a few of the reasons.
The staff. Each CNSF Camp is headed by an Internationally recognized coach. He or she has extensive experience in youth development at the professional, national or even international level.  This coach is assisted by members of the State staff, coaches who are associated with the ODP and licensure programs. This combination of top quality talent insures the best possible training environment possible.
The Youth Coaching Candidates. The coaching candidates must go through a two step application process that only allows the most qualified youth coaches through to receive a scholarship. The competitive application process produces a large number of highly qualified and dedicated candidates. These candidates receive the benefit of the initial scholarship and ongoing assistance in their coaching education.
The Campers. With a maximum of only 30 campers, ages 12-14, the group is small enough to insure that every camper receives individual attention from the staff at each training session. By limiting the age group the instruction is based on the principle of age appropriate training. With the additional requirement that the players be experienced with a higher level of play the campers and staff can enjoy the benefits of beginning with more advanced instruction and working towards the finer points of the game.
The Facilities. The CNSF goes to great length to bring the best facilities and infrastructure possible to the Camp. A professional trainer is available on site daily, the fields are the highest quality, meals provided in a clean and staffed cafeteria and much more. 
The Program. The genesis of the program can be found in the very successful Maryland State Youth Soccer Associations International Weeks Program. Since 1992 the Dutch Weeks have been one of MSYSA's most popular and sought after opportunities for both coaches and campers. The concept is simply that "players learn how to play soccer best by playing soccer" and that "a soccer coach coaches soccer, not something else". This philosophy is reflected in the Camp's daily schedule where every avialable moment is spent playing or studying the game.
The Three Tiered System. The dual purpose of the CNSF Youth Coaches Camps is to provide the coaching candidates with a solid foundation of instruction while making sure that the campers receive all of the attention that they deserve. By combining daily sessions run by the staff with the candidates doing actual sessions under the supervision of the staff, both purposes can be met. At all times, the coaching staff is in attendance, observing, interacting and guiding the instructional content. The campers, candidates and staff work together to achieve the results expected from each other. The camp provides much more then just the coach camper experience familiar to many.
The Atmosphere. Everyone that comes to the CNSF Residential Camps shares the same facilities and experience. The staff, youth coaches and campers not only train together but live in the same dorms and eat together in the same dining facilities. The constant contact and interaction between the three groups breeds a team feeling, a sense of community and common purpose. 
The Mission. The mission that is behind the CNSF Youth Coaches Camps is like no other. The concept of "Youth Coaching Youth" makes the camp experience unique for everyone involved. The result of the camp is not only an improvement in soccer skills and abilities but also in a feeling of empowerment. The campers and candidates leave with a higher level of self confidence and a new appreciation for the game.
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