Touching Base After the 'A' Course

2005 alumnus continues her education

Hey Larry, Mima and Sally!

Got back from the coaching course in one piece. It went by a lot faster than any of the others I’ve been at. Jeff Pill was my instructor and I learned so much from him and the other candidates as well. A lot of us there were college coaches so it was fun seeing how everyone ran their different programs. We all stuck together and got each other through the week; I know I made some lasting friendships! I was definitely the youngest there and the only female taking the ’A.’ The plus there was that I got my own dorm room and didn’t have to share a bathroom! I will let you know my results as soon as they come in. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

I also just finished off a week directing a striker/keeper camp at the local indoor center. We had 43 kids! And half were keepers! I’ve attached some photos from it for you guys. I leave Sunday to coach a camp at Columbus State University- where my coaching career all began! I’m looking forward to seeing my old coach and all my friends still there. After that it’s off to Ralph Lundy camp and then Region III Camp with GA ODP. Another busy summer for me for sure, but I love every minute of it.

I’ll start recruiting in July when camp season dies down and then our pre-season at Oxford College starts August 10. I really think we have a great chance to win the National Championship. We are bringing in some amazing players and two really top-class goalkeepers. It should be a great season, however far we end up going.

I just get so excited with the summer season because there’s so many kids I get the chance to work with. I know I say this all the time, but THANK YOU!! You guys are a huge reason why I am able to coach at all these different places. All the kids I reach and help are thanks to you and the foundation. I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the summer weather! Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!


By the way, it just so happened the day they decided to take pictures of camp, I was wearing a very special t-shirt!!