USYS Invites CNSF To Annual Meeting

CNSF to make a presentation at the Annual USYS DOC, SDI/SRA & Presidents Assembly

United States Youth Soccer has invited the CNSF to make a featured presentation at their Annual Joint Educational meeting on September 11 in Irving Texas. Those present will include the State Association Presidents, Directors of Coaching and Referee Instruction.


This is a fantastic opportunity for the CNSF to discuss its programs with the State Associations said CNSF Executive Director Mima Nedelcovych. Not only can we explain how the residential coaches camps operate, we expect to be kicking off our National Youth License Scholarship Program.


The CNSF currently supplies the USYS with four annual scholarships for coaches between the ages of 18-23 to the National Youth License course. These scholarships are awarded through the hosting State Associations. The goal of the CNSF is to increase the number of scholarships to eight by 2005.


The CNSF, with the support of USYS, is also looking to expand the residential camp program for young coaches. We hope to find some new State Associations that are interested in duplicating what we are doing in Maryland. We believe that the residential camps, combined with a strong State Staff and a coach with international experience offers the young coaches a truly unique opportunity to broaden their appreciation of the game.


Pictured at right is USYS's Director of Coaching Education Tom Goodman and the CNSF Executive Director Mima Nedelcovych.