CNSF begins 2007 with an emphasis on the US Youth Soccer's National Youth License and State Level 'C' Courses

By working at the local level the CNSF is expanding its reach

Over the past few years the CNSF has been forging a strong relationship with US Youth Soccer and promoting the National Youth License. Recently several State Associations have been hosting the US Soccer Federations ’C’ License and this has provided the CNSF with new opportunites to aid young coaches.

"Both the National Youth License and the State hosted ’C’ Course are ideal for our target coaches" observed CNSF Program Director Larry Paul. "The National Youth License is perfect for a young coach because they are likely just starting out and this provides a solid basis for their start. A State hosted "C’ Course gets a young coach onto their next step in a cost effective manner."

"Young coaches and their sponsors only need to follow their local State Association, US Youth Soccer Association or the United States Soccer Federation Course schedule to see when a course would be available in their area."