Second Annual CNSF-MSYSA Residential Camp held in Hagerstown Maryland, June 22-27, 2003.

CNSF again plays a part in one of soccers most unique coaching opportunities.

The CNSF is proud to announce that it's second Youth Residential Coaching Camp was held at St. James School in Hagerstown MD, June 22-27, 2003. The camp was once again a part of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Associations acclaimed International Weeks Program.

This is one of soccers most unique experiences for youth players and coaches. The coaching candidates receive the benefit of instruction from world renowned youth coaches and some of the most experienced members of the MSYSA's Education and Training Staff.

This years Camp featured B.J. Hijmans of the DutchUK Football School and Henry Vanalbeek, a staff member of Roda FC and the KNVB. They were  assisted by Dave Tenney and Jonathan Thayil, members of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Associations Education and Training Staff and Larry Paul, CNSF Program Director.

This year marked an expansion of the CNSF vision by including four candidates from Louisiana and one from Arkansas. In an effort to reach more young coaches, the CNSF paid for these candidates round trip travel from their homes to Maryland. These candidates, along with their local Maryland and Virginia counter parts earned the Maryland State Youth Soccer Associations E License and a voucher for their respective States D License at a future date.

All of the candidates had the opportunity to coach players ranging in age from 12-17 under the supervision of B.J., Henry and the MSYSA/CNSF Staff. The focus of the week was on the Introductory Level of the Royal Dutch Football Associations Dutch Vision. The coaches, candidates and campers spent three sessions a day on the field in practical training. In the evenings, the candidates were treated to a lecture by B.J. on the theories behind small sided games.

To date the CNSF has sponsored young coaches from Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Washington, South Carolina, Arkansas and Indiana.