Testimonials 2002 - 2003 with Videos

The following letters from our CNSF alumni tell how much our efforts have "made a difference" in the lives of young people.

The following letters from our CNSF alumni demonstrate how much our efforts have "made a difference" in the lives of young people. It has been very gratifying for the friends and relatives of Chris Nedelcovych to have honored his memory in this way, and it has inspired us to "look into the future with hope and a sense of inspiration." We trust that next year will be even better!

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I just wanted to thank you again for sending me to Maryland for the camp. I would have done this earlier but the weather here knocked out the power for a few days. Anyway, I really appreciate what you did for me and I know Sergio, Jeff, Clare, and Gigi feel the same way.  It's very uplifting to know people who want to help young people learn more about the game. I feel very fortunate to know you and once I get going in my career whatever it may be (hopefully something to do with soccer!) you can expect a donation from me every year.  Thanks again and God Bless!

Kevin Laux
Scholarship coach, 2003. Real Time video, (131 kbs, :29), Filename or Quick Time Filename.


Eric writes:

I had a wonderful time at your coaching camp and found your idea of a scholarship a great one. I might not have been able to make enough money refereeing to come up without it. It was a great experience for me. I had a lot of fun and the next generation of young coaches should feel the same. It is a good program for young coaches. This course will help the young coaches and the little kids will grow up and be better soccer players for it.

Our local club is a very small one and we have few qualified coaches. Most of the time we are trying to teach regular parents with no soccer experience how to coach. The Dutch program you are teaching is a great method to teach parents to use. Its something simple enough for the new coaches to understand and use and for us to explain to them. Having the International coaches there to show us how its done was a great way for us to have an example of how we need to coach both new players and teach new coaches.

Again, thank you very much for inviting me, I enjoyed the program and hope to see it continue for other new coaches. I hope to be there next year again for the more advanced program.


Ann Marie writes:

Sally I wanted to let you know that the CNS Fund has already made a difference! As a result of Bryans attendance at the CNSF camp in June, he has been hired as an assistant coach for the U9 Reston United travel team. Its my youngest sons team, and the coach asked Bryan to be his assistant when he heard he has his D license (actually hes just waiting to hear about the written test portion). At the team parents s meeting, one of the parents asked what license the assistant coach had, and they were all impressed to hear of his training.

Thanks again so very much for all your time in setting up the CNSF!


J.J. writes:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a "youth coach youth." I enjoyed my week at the Dutch Vision at St. James School very much and learned many things about coaching the game of soccer. I believe your son would be proud and grateful as am I of what your organization is doing. Thank you again.


The following letter was received on September 27, 2002:

The feedback we have received from participants in the program has been extremely positive. I trust your experience has been the same. I cannot adequately express our sincere appreciation for your efforts and for your decision to include MSYSA in this most worthy endeavor. Given many of the not-so-positive things associated with youth sports at the present time, "Youth coaching Youth" has so much potential to be beneficial in so many ways. MSYSA would be honored to work with you and CNSF again in 2003. I know we can expand on the success of the program. We commend you for what you are doing and look forward to having the opportunity to discuss with you MSYSAs future participation.

Very truly yours,
Jerry C. May, Executive Director
Maryland State Youth Soccer Association


Dear Sally and family,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed myself this week.  I had a blast with all my fellow youth coaches.  Not only did I have a great time but I learned so much from the Dutch coaches as well as my peers and other people that were there.  I think this coaching camp was a great idea and so many people will be able to benefit from it.  I know it wouldn't be possible with out all of your hard work.  I feel so lucky to have been a part of CNSF and I hope you continue to help youth become better coaches so that they can experience the wonderful feeling of being teachers of the game of soccer.  Once again I just wanted to express my appreciation and tell you how interesting and educational this past week has been.