Testimonials - 2004-2005 with Videos

Alumni express their views.

Tai Katrina Po from Edmonds Washington already held her National D License when she attended the CNSF/MSYSA Residential Camp in 2004. Real Time video - Filename
Nelson Abreu, from Silver Spring Maryland also had his National D license. Real Time video - Filename 
Shawn Atwater from Davenport Iowa. Real Time video - Filename 
Lindsey Navarro from Houma Louisiana. For the second year Loyola University in New Orleans sends a candidate. Real Time video - Filename
Peter Clark from Manassas Virginia. Real Time video Filename
Sandy Lagana from Sykesville Maryland. A veteran of Soccer in the Streets, www.soccerstreets.org. Real Time video - Filename
Jose Ramirez from Berryville Arkansas. Real Time video - Filename
Visit Aaron Gonzales own website to read his impression here.

I would like to thank you for everything that you did for Shawn Atwater.  Shawn cannot stop talking about everything that he learned during your coaches clinic. I know he had a great time and is already teaching the kids things that he learned during the camp. Once again thank you for giving young kids the opportunity to learn and grow not only as soccer coaches but as individuals. 




Franco Munoz
Davenport, IA


(See Shawn’s interview above.)




I thought you might be interested in reading Lindsey’s recent note to me.You must run a top-notch organization because I hear rave reviews each summer.

Thank you for promoting and helping to make the CNSF experience available to the women at Loyola.

Emmy Therrell
Head Coach - Womens Soccer
Loyola University, New Orleans






yo coach.
i just got back in from Maryland and i’m in tip top shape.. i should be after playing for 6 hours a day. The CNSF camp was a great experience.  I established such a greater appreciation for small sided games... i learned much about the dutch vision of soccer.. as our coach was from holland.. and i now have a hunger to play soccer.i think i’m going through withdrawals.. so i just decided to get some friends together so we can start playing here on
sundays. I played with some awesome players.. i noticed my touch improved lots just over a few days ... and i even have some new moves.. i think i’m losing my nervousness. well. thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in camp. I hope some of the other girls will take advantage of the scholarship  in the future just as i did.. oh and coach.. now that i’ve finished this camp i am actually qualified to coach i’ll have an "E" license.. i hope to get involved @ carollton or something.. i’d love to coach a younger team..

(See Lindseys interview above.)




Dear Larry, Mima, and Sally,






How did this year’s camps go? And what about this year’s Scholorship recipients, did they enjoy themselves?  I think you should know, I coached a J.V. boys team this year and they went 9-3-1. It was a complete turn around from the previous year in which they only won 3 games. I had a great group of kids who listened very well. You should have seen the change in their play from the beginning of the season to the end. They turned themselves into soccer players! A lot of their improvement is no doubt, thanks to the you. 






Kevin Laux
(Kevin was a scholarship coach in 2003.)




The Chris Nedelcovych camp was a great opportunity as a youth coach to not only learn coaching techniques but also meet other youth coaches from all across the country.  I was a U9 girls assistant coach for six seasons for
Reston. There were about 20 youth coaches and 30 very advanced twelve-year-old soccer players in the program with a Dutch instructor. The best part of the experience for me was to learn from my own peers about techniques they use in coaching, whether it is inner-city street soccer, boys, girls, short-sided games, or full field.  With an eclectic mix of coaching experiences, each of us was able to bring a different element to the group.  Also learning how to motivate and be a positive role model for others, whether it is as a coach or otherwise, is an incredibly rewarding skill to have.

I recommend this program to youth coaches who already have a fair amount of experience in soccer, because the sessions are pretty intense and at college-level play. Thank you so much to the Nedelcovych family for the

opportunity to attend this program!



Pam Sud

Reston, VA